Climate-neutral skating rink

The operation of the Ice Rink at the Winter Fairytale of “Heinzels Wintermärchen” is CO2-neutral.

That means that for the energy needed for operation, installation and dismantling of the ice rink, a compensatory measure must be undertaken. Additionally, action has been taken to ensure that as little energy is consumed as possible.

Certified green electricity from RheinEnergie
Right since the start of the Winter Fairytale of “Heinzels Wintermärchen”, we have always used certified green electricity from RheinEnergie for cooling the ice rink. Of the electric power consumed, around 75% comes from hydroelectric generation sources and 25% from wind farms located in our neighbouring countries of Austria, Switzerland or Denmark. It therefore originates entirely from renewable sources. The green electricity generated is fed into the European supply network and delivered to the RheinEnergie accounting grid. For further information on the RheinEnergie climate protection programme, click here.

State-of-the-art refrigeration units
The refrigeration units employed operate with state-of-the-art technology and – like underfloor heating, only the other way round – only cool when needed.

Insulated coolant pipes
To keep the energy loss as low as possible, precisely dimensioned coolant lines are used, many with special insulation.

Professional ice care
Through regular care and maintenance of the ice rink, the ice professionals from KölnBäder GmbH’s Lentpark ensure that the thickness of the ice is kept as low as possible - a crucial factor for ensuring low energy consumption.

Short transport ways
This year, a new city centre depot has significantly reduced the transport ways, and hence also the volume of fuel consumed.

LED lighting
For lighting purposes, we use energy-saving LED lamps.

Compensatory measures
To provide a climate-neutral offset for the energy consumed e.g. through trucks, fork-lift equipment and the ice resurfacing machine, we support climate protection projects. The volume of allowances acquired corresponds to the calculated emissions from the aggregated energy consumption and will be reviewed again after the event and adjusted if and as necessary.

On the basis of these measures, TÜV Rheinland has certified the ice skating rink on Heumarkt since 2015 as being “climate-neutral”.