Ice stock curling

Convivial winter sport in the heart of Cologne’s Old Town

In addition to the breathtaking Ice Rink on Cologne’s Heumarkt, the Winter Fairytale of “Heinzels Wintermärchen” offers another exciting leisure activity for all winter sport fans: ice stock curling - a team sport that offers tremendous fun and enjoyment not only for families and friends, but also firms’ outings and Christmas parties. Every player has to shoot an ice stock as gently but precisely as they can so that it slides as close as possible to the puck at the end of the alley. Each shot may prove to be the winner…

To handle all the excitement, a wide choice of delicious beverages is available in the Büble Alpe. In this lovingly styled historic barn from the Allgäu region, traditional Allgäu Büble Beer is served in jugs, “like in the good old days”. This is the perfect place to gather and enjoy each other’s company, whether before or after a curling match.

Online reservation for next season 2021/2022 will be available from June 1st 2021.